Can I train twice a day?

You can train during the day as many times as you want and can yourself. However, you need to understand what will bring such frequent training to your body - benefit or harm.

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Safety Considerations for Twice Daily Training

According to experts, it is possible to conduct classes twice a day. However, only according to a detailed program drawn up by an experienced coach. Do not follow the advice of the "experts" of the network - you must have a personal and qualified sports coach who knows your current fitness level and health status.

The training plan should take into account and indicate not only the recovery time. But also such important components of a healthy lifestyle as a balanced diet and sleep schedule.

If you do not sleep enough, and eat - incorrectly, without gaining calories or not observing the norms of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the risk of injury, "burn" muscle, not fat, or achieve other negative results, will increase significantly.

The correct training regimen twice a day

training regimen twice a day

Not every amateur and even professional will be able to cope with two full-fledged workouts during the day. For the second quality lesson with all approaches, you may simply not have enough strength.

The solution may be to split the daily training plan into 2 parts. If in the morning you do half, then in the evening, when the body is already rested, you can carry out the remaining exercises at the intensity limit. A few important points:

  • An exercise in the morning will put your body in a state of stress, tire it - blood will flow to the muscle tissues, heart rate and pulse will increase;
  • By the evening training, blood circulation, pulse, hormonal levels and other physiological indicators will already return to normal. Especially if you get some sleep and regain strength with proper nutrition.

This breakdown of your daily workout plan will give you the best results.

Important: muscles need at least 48 hours to recover. If you train twice a day, using a different plan - for example, "morning - arms, evening - back or legs", then you should understand that in the evening, the muscles of the arms will also begin to load. Recovery should be in the central nervous system, which works more actively with any type of training. Therefore, you should forget about classes five times a week.

Workout twice a day - pros and cons

Workout twice a day - pros and cons

Exercising twice a day regularly can achieve the following negative effects:

  • Overtrain. An especially important point for beginners (people who have been in sports and fitness for less than two years). It will not be easy to find the correct strength of the loads, even with the help of a trainer;
  • Slow down weight loss. It is necessary to get rid of extra pounds not with the help of physical activity, but by cutting back on the calorie intake. Workouts are important, but they are just a complementary tool. It takes a lot of energy to train twice a day. You have to make a choice between restricting calories and not having the energy to do quality work. If you eat enough, the result of active training will not be weight loss, but a toned athletic body. But it will take a long time to reach it.

Conditional disadvantage - it is not always possible to find time for two workouts. If you complete only part of the plan in the morning, and do not complete the second part of the classes in the evening, or vice versa, progress will only slow down.

Now for the benefits:

  • Improving the quality of life. Morning activity will allow you to wake up faster and get strength for the whole working day. In the evening, tired after classes and "clearing your head", it will be easier to fall asleep;
  • Acceleration of metabolism. Within a couple of hours after training, the rate of metabolic processes in the body remains increased. If you do not skip classes and can not exceed the calorie intake, without bringing yourself to exhaustion, then the process of losing weight will go much faster. The main thing (and this is not easy to do) is to find a reasonable balance between intense activity and the calorie intake of proper nutrition;
  • Effective muscle building. "Double" workouts give muscle tissues an excellent stimulus for growth, more powerful enhances protein synthesis.

Once again, we note that it is necessary to train twice a day in accordance with a clear plan. The break between exercises during the day should be at least 4-6 hours. The minimum interval between training the same muscle group in this mode is 2 days.

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