The benefits of morning exercises

Morning exercises are a simple and proven effective way to activate the internal resources of the body, stock up on vitality and increase efficiency for the whole day.

Why is morning exercises effective?

 morning exercises

Many people wake up irritated and in a bad mood. The reason for this is lack of physical activity at night. Or, in other words, hypokinesia, which, in turn, leads to chronic fatigue and nervous excitability.

At night, the number of impulses entering the brain from the muscles is minimal. The lack of impulses due to the lack of body movements negatively affects the state of the blood vessels feeding the brain.

Accordingly, after a person stops sleeping, his nerve centers need time to "accelerate", starting to work at a slower pace. If you do not activate them "forcibly", tone and strength will appear by about noon.

Safety «regulations»

  1. Do not confuse morning exercises with sports training. The first is necessary in order to "charge" you with energy for the whole day. The second is to "exhaust" the body and spend a lot of energy, cause muscle tension and their subsequent growth.
  2. Do not use exercise machines, dumbbells or other aids while charging. You should not do a warm-up with a hitch.
  3. You need to perform no more than 5-10 exercises, 8-10 times each. No reps-laps like in sports. If you are just starting your morning workout, the amount of exercise can be reduced. Smooth bends forward and backward, simple stretching, standing on tiptoes will be considered a full exercise.

The benefits of exercising in the morning

Let's say that after sleeping you feel great - you are in a great mood and full of vitality. You do not need a quick awakening and a "source of vigor". However, even in this case, you should not give up the morning "light" exercises.

Exercising after a night's rest will bring many benefits to the body:

  • Stimulates mental activity (processes are activated due to the saturation of the brain with oxygen);
  • Tones up the entire body;
  • Restores a healthy position of the "numb" spine (in the long term, relieve posture problems);
  • Improves oxygen supply to joints and muscles;
  • Provides joint mobility, increasing their patency;
  • Restores lymph flow, disturbed by long inactivity;
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • Improves the functioning of the respiratory organs;
  • It will thin the blood thickened overnight, saturate the cells with nutrients.

Fact: According to Chinese healers, only 15 minutes of morning exercises are equal to 30 minutes of fitness in the afternoon in their benefits and effectiveness.

If you perform morning exercises regularly, then training will be an excellent prevention of the appearance of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, spine and cardiovascular system. An added benefit is developing self-discipline.

Morning exercises and weight loss, improving physical fitness

Despite the fact that exercise exercises are not strength, but "light", they still help to strengthen muscle tissue. Therefore, in addition to the visually "invisible" improvement in the condition of the joints and the spine, you can see such results of regular exercises as:

  • "Tightening" the abdomen by working out the waist muscles;
  • Gradual acquisition of the best body shapes, harmony.

Morning exercises stimulate metabolic processes. Accordingly, the fight against excess weight will be faster and more efficient. Maintaining body weight will also be easier.

Along with any other training, exercise leads to the active production of endorphins. Hormones of happiness are the best remedy for those who want to cope with depressive conditions, fatigue "from everything". Do some simple exercises in the morning and you will feel joy, whatever mood you wake up in.

Morning exercises

Jumping Jacks (10)

Jumping Jacks

Squats (10)


Lunges (10)


Climbers (20)


Push-ups (10)


Sit-ups (10)


Bicycle crunch (10)

Bicycle crunch

Plank (30 sec)


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