The benefits of weight training

Training with your own weight or calisthenics - physical exercises, during which the main tool is your own body. It is equally effective and comfortable to conduct such classes both at home and in the gym.

Important! Training with your own weight is universal: they allow you to build muscle (to a certain extent), improve coordination, indicators of speed and endurance, achieve relief and lose weight. Decide on goals and choose the right duration, a combination of exercises.

home weight training

What is the use of weight training?

Lunges, squats, lifts on toes, levels - practically any variant of exercise with its weight is well known to us from school. In training, the body is used, and its ability to bend, attract, twist, balance increases

Exercising with your own weight, you can get a number of advantages:

  • Lack of financial and time costs

You do not need to buy a subscription to the gym or purchase exercise equipment. You can work out all muscle groups at home with a minimum of equipment on hand. Going to a fitness club, and then standing in line to the apparatus of interest is also not required. Training can be carried out at any free hour and day.

  • Security and Availability

Sports activities with their own weight do not exert excessive loads on the joints. In addition, they are simple to implement and usually do not require the guidance of a qualified instructor.

If you have already practiced in the gym, then you know that many of the exercises performed there need to be studied in the correct technique. Otherwise, you can simply be injured. An example is squat with a barbell - squatting incorrectly creates enormous loads on your knees and lower back. If you squat, you will become your own weight, your movements will remain familiar and natural. The danger of earning knee and back diseases is practically zero.

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