What are fitness resistance bands for?

Fitness resistance bands are called multi-colored and various-density elastic loop-bands. In a broader sense, it is the most affordable and compact "projectile" that allows you to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

fitness resistance bands

Initially, such resistance tapes were used to rehabilitate patients - a safe and yet effective limb development. However, today the tapes are called "fitness", and you can see them both in physical therapy, and in strength training and calisthenics.

The material for the manufacture of functional loops is latex. When the ring is stretched with arms or legs, a certain force appears, which provides the necessary loads. You can perform any usual exercises with the fitness resistance band - and at the same time, the muscles will receive much greater benefit.

resistance band exercises

resistance band exercises

It is recommended to use elastic loops in order to:

  • Work out the smallest muscle groups. Including those that cannot be used while exercising on simulators;

  • Improve the effectiveness of standard exercises. If your body has already adapted to a certain number and duration of training, do the same exercises, but with a resistance band. You will notice the difference;

  • Get at home the same results of classes that can be achieved in the fitness center;

  • To diversify the training plan. If you have not performed, for example, steps with squats due to insufficiently strong load on the muscles, then with mini expanders you can perform this extremely useful exercise.

Achievable results of classes with a resistance band at home and in the gym:

  • Strengthening the muscle corset;

  • The study of various muscle groups of the body, improving its overall quality;

  • Increasing muscle elasticity and strength;

  • High-quality study of the gluteal muscles.

It is not necessary to purchase a lot of expander tapes with different levels of elasticity. You can control the load by selecting the required amplitude of the extension of the ring.

Performing workouts with your own weight and a fitness resistance band, you do not risk harming either the articular-ligamentous apparatus or skeletal muscle.

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