What is the difference between yoga and fitness?

If you choose between yoga and fitness, before making a final decision in favor of a particular activity, consider their main differences.

Fitness and yoga - briefly about the essence

Fitness and yoga

They come to yoga classes, first of all, for the development of spiritual and moral qualities, gaining peace, self-knowledge, stress relief. At the same time, asana exercises can give a harmoniously developed body and improve health - however, these effects are “side effects”. The main work is carried out on the spiritual, but not on the physical level.

As for fitness, for the most part practitioners set themselves other goals:

  • Strengthen the health of the body, become more resilient, flexible and strong;

  • Get a beautiful appearance, get rid of excess weight.

In the case of fitness, we are talking about achieving physical superiority over other people, due to the possession of a slender and toned body.

What is preferable in terms of psychology?

Fitness and yoga psychology

According to research, women in fitness are rarely satisfied with their appearance. Moreover, many of them have, or eating disorders occur in the background. They constantly think about food, without having a real feeling of hunger.

As for the fans of yoga, they not only enjoy their body more and know how to love it with all the features. But they also have less difficulties in self-acceptance and significantly better health.

What you need to know about physiology?

Yoga exercises benefit, for example, in terms of versatility. People with any level of physical fitness and at any age can practice. The result is greater mobility of the joints, strengthening muscles, achieving flexibility and endurance.

As practice shows, deciding to do yoga is easier than aerobic or, for example, strength training. This is due to the fact that the former are associated with positive things, such as:

  • Undemanding

  • Stretching;

  • Relaxedness;

  • Calmness and pacification.

Thinking about fitness, a person most often recalls the need to exert strength, pain after classes. This psychologically slows him down to sports. Seeking excuses for himself, he can decide, for example, that sport is unsafe for his joints or motor apparatus.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the correct setting of the breath of yogis. This item always plays a huge role. Deep and healthy breathing, which is taught to a much lesser extent in fitness, helps to strengthen the diaphragm and achieve longevity.

Fitness Benefits

To think that cardio and weight training lose yoga in everything is also wrong.

Fitness Benefits

About stress relief and relaxation

When performing aerobic and anaerobic exercises, endorphins are released in the body - hormones of joy that bring with them an excellent mood and a surge of vitality. In addition, after fitness, a person feels not just satisfaction, but real pride in himself. In particular, at the start of a “sports career”.

About weight loss and muscle growth

If your goal is to lose weight, we recommend that you opt for fitness. The effect will be more pronounced and faster. Thanks to exercises, the body will begin to expend calories from food, after - fat reserves. Muscle will begin to replace fat.

From a physiological point of view, yoga is more aimed at increasing flexibility and strengthening, rather than building muscle. The fat burning effect, due to the comparative lightness and lower intensity of classes, is also less.

To summarize

When making decisions, consider the achievable goals of the activities:

  • Yoga

It activates blood circulation, relaxes, helps relieve nervous tension, improves coordination and cardio-respiratory endurance, gives flexibility.

It is characterized by safety and has a moderate level of load. To a lesser extent contributes to weight loss and the acquisition of a sculpted body

  • Fitness

It stimulates nervous activity, provides pride in oneself, allows you to reduce body weight, strengthen the cardiovascular system and muscle system. The severity of the loads is high. The main focus is physical, not psychological. Unlike yoga, fitness allows you to work out even with obesity.

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