What shower to take after training?

To get rid of fatigue, reduce pain in the muscles and remove the unpleasant smell of sweat, it is recommended to take a shower after any physical activity. And it’s worth doing it immediately after training, for example, in the shower of the gym.

The need for a shower in the gym

shower after training

Even if you live a five-minute walk, after aerobic and anaerobic exercise we advise you to perform water procedures in the fitness center itself.

Any physical activity activates metabolic processes, such as the elimination of toxins and sweating. Such “natural pollution” must be washed off immediately after training, until the body “cools down”. Otherwise, the bacteria will remain in the skin, starting to provoke its inflammation, and the pores will become clogged.

Statistics data: three out of four athletes who do not perform water procedures immediately after training have dermatological diseases.

Shower after training is important because it will help achieve goals. The main thing is to choose its temperature correctly so that the heated body does not experience excessive shock.

Optimal water temperature

After training, you can take a hot, cold or, for example, a contrast shower. Each option has its own characteristics.

  • Contrast

The body must be alternately exposed to water of various temperatures. The body is invigorated, the muscular, circulatory, nervous and endocrine systems are activated.

A contrast shower is the recommended option after a workout. Especially if the purpose of the classes is to burn fat cells. You will speed up the metabolism most efficiently.

But keep in mind that for the body this will be another stress. If you have health problems, this option should be discarded.

The correct "scheme" of taking a contrast shower:

  • For starters - warm water with a comfortable temperature;

  • After the body relaxes, without switching to ice water or boiling water, it is necessary to connect a contrast shower - slightly cool and warm water.

Only in this case, you can get the benefit - increased metabolism and improved blood flow, and not harm.

  • Hot

Hot jets will also be “shocking” to the body. A hot shower can be taken after strength training only in the absence of any health problems. You should not choose it even with minor pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

Benefit: stimulation of blood circulation and relief of krepatura (relief of muscle pain). All these advantages are especially interesting to fans of strength training. But once again, we recommend an objective assessment of the state of your health.

  • Cold shower

Fans of hardening claim that it accelerates recovery and increases muscle tone. Those. provides the best anabolic effect. In addition, in a new stressful situation - under cold water, the muscles will also grow

Proven Benefits of a Cold Shower:

  • Increasing skin elasticity;

  • Saturation of tissues with oxygen;

  • Reduction of heated muscles, increased blood flow.

However, the body may not be ready for two stresses in a row - training and cold water. Muscles that are not relaxed and “not moving away” from the previous shock should not receive a new “push” right away. Otherwise, the body can go into a protective mode. The result will be a slowdown in muscle growth, failure of the immune system, weakened access to nutrients, and poor circulation.

Frequent heartbeat and warmed muscles are not the best condition of the body before hardening. A cold shower after training will provoke the appearance or exacerbation of cardiovascular disease. You can benefit from cold water by opting for a contrast shower.

Cold showers are especially harmful for beginners: with an untrained and not hardened body, the vessels will quickly relax - there will be a feeling of weakness and “brokenness”. Those who have hardening experience should take water procedures 15-25 minutes after exercise. It is only necessary to be in a standing position.

After a long aerobic and / or strength training, you need to rest for at least 10 minutes: to normalize the heartbeat and restore breathing, muscle relaxation. After this, you can take a shower - water procedures will not be a new stress.

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