30 min Full Body. Workout Plan. Pamela Reif

2022 - Week 13

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  • Intensity: Medium

  • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Equipment: Weights, Booty Band, Bottles

Going in for sports for no more than half an hour - five times a week under the Full Body program, you can strengthen the muscles of the whole body. After the strength training of the first three days, yoga is offered on Thursday: to stretch and relax clogged muscles.

Also, yoga is necessary to ensure the necessary plasticity to maintain the correct technique for the following exercises: Friday dances and Saturday Pilates.


Christopher Goes Cardio | 190-305 Kcal

Leap Of Faith - Christopher // FULL BODY WARM UP

8 MIN SIXPACK WORKOUT - with Christopher & a very special twist

10 MIN HIIT + STANDING ABS - high intensity, calorie burn I Pamela Reif

10 MIN BADASS HIIT - sweaty workout to Hip Hop Music, lots of punches & kicks I Pamela Reif


Ofenbach Don´t Skip Leg Day | 145-250 Kcal

15 MIN BOOTY WORKOUT - Level: Easy-Medium, slow Pilates Style, knee friendly, no squats I Booty Band

10 MIN INNER THIGH WORKOUT - tighten the inner part of your legs / Intense I Pamela Reif

8 MIN FUN FULL BODY - with Ofenbach / Cardio, Leg + Arm Workout I No Equipment


W... Wednesday | 210-340 Kcal

15 MIN JUMPING CARDIO, Medium Level - burn calories the fun way, not dancy I Pamela Reif

10 MIN UPPER BODY + WEIGHTS - Alternative: Big Bottles / for back, chest, arms & shoulders

10 MIN BOOBS & BACK - tighten your chest + improve your posture


Piano Flow | 50 - 90 Kcal

10 MIN YOGA FLOW - for Full Body Strength & Flowy Stretching I Pamela Reif

8 MIN FLOWING STRETCH - with LIVE Piano Music by Matteo Myderwyk I Pamela Reif


Frans Lovers Slow Fridays | 90-155 Kcal

ALRIGHT - Alle Farben ft. Kiddo / Basic & Happy Warm Up I Pamela Reif

15 MIN PILATES WORKOUT - Slow Full Body Toning / knee friendly, low impact

CASTLE - Alle Farben & HUGEL ft. FAST BOY / Fun Warm Up Routine I Pamela Reif


Jason, Just Go Home. | 185-295 Kcal

15 MIN JUMPING CARDIO, Medium Level - burn calories the fun way, not dancy I Pamela Reif

8 MIN AB & HIIT WORKOUT with Jason Derulo

10 MIN BOMBASTIC BOOTY - activate your butt muscles & make them grow I Pamela Reif



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Pamela Reif - Home Workout Plan 2022