Beginner Friendly. Workout Plan. Pamela Reif

2022 - Week 13

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Pamela Reif is one of the most influential fitness models and bloggers on social media and video hosting YouTube. Among other things, the girl is compiling effective training programs for cardio and strength training at home. Most of the exercises are performed with your own weight without any inventory or equipment.

A five-day plan that includes yoga and dance training, stretching exercises and to work out the muscles of the abs, chest, arms and legs. There is cardio for quick weight loss (training completely standing).

The Beginner Friendly program is suitable for those who have not played sports before and want to:

  • Start home workouts to actively get rid of extra pounds;

  • Get a fitter and leaner body without going to the gym.

To train the muscles of the buttocks, you will need a fitness gum. For exercises on the muscles of the chest, back and arms - kettlebells (you can use improvised means, for example, water bottles).

  • Intensity: Beginner

  • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Equipment: Weights, Booty Band, Bottles


Christopher Goes Cardio | 120-185 Kcal

Leap Of Faith - Christopher // FULL BODY WARM UP

8 MIN SIXPACK WORKOUT - with Christopher & a very special twist

10 MIN CALORIE KILLER / Medium Level - a HIIT workout that won't kill you I Pamela Reif


Ofenbach Don´t Skip Leg Day | 145-250 Kcal

15 MIN BOOTY WORKOUT - Level: Easy-Medium, slow Pilates Style, knee friendly, no squats I Booty Band

10 MIN BOOTY WORKOUT - Medium Intensity

8 MIN FUN FULL BODY - with Ofenbach / Cardio, Leg + Arm Workout I No Equipment


Jacob Needs Biceps | 150-260 Kcal

12 MIN SLOW AB WORKOUT - Flowy Movements, with LIVE Piano Music by Jacob Karlzon I Pamela Reif

10 MIN BOOBS & BACK - tighten your chest + improve your posture

10 MIN TONED ARMS - quick & intense at home / with water bottles I Pamela Reif


Piano Flow | 50 - 90 Kcal

10 MIN YOGA FLOW - for Full Body Strength & Flowy Stretching I Pamela Reif

8 MIN FLOWING STRETCH - with LIVE Piano Music by Matteo Myderwyk I Pamela Reif


Frans Lovers Slow Fridays | 80-155 Kcal

ALRIGHT - Alle Farben ft. Kiddo / Basic & Happy Warm Up I Pamela Reif

15 MIN BOOTY WORKOUT - Level: Easy-Medium, slow Pilates Style, knee friendly, no squats I Booty Band

CASTLE - Alle Farben & HUGEL ft. FAST BOY / Fun Warm Up Routine I Pamela Reif


No Jason For Beginners! | 140-245 Kcal

10 MIN BOOB LIFT - B(r)east mode: ON .. Chest Workout for men & women / with weights I Pamela Reif

15 MIN HAPPY DANCE WORKOUT - burn calories and smile

6 MIN EVERYDAY STRETCH - for stiff muscles, flexibility & after your workout I Pamela Reif



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Pamela Reif - Home Workout Plan 2022