Give me Abs. Workout Plan. Pamela Reif

2022 - Week 14

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  • Intensity: High

  • Duration: 45 - 50 Minutes

  • Equipment: Weights, Booty Band, Bottles

A set of 7-15 minute intense exercises to load different zones of the press. Basic moments:

  • For a minimum period of time, the maximum is “squeezed” out of the muscles of the cortex;

  • Additional equipment is not needed;

  • There is no break between tasks.

The program includes tasks that constantly keep the core muscles in tension: turning the body, twisting, raising and lowering straightened legs. In some exercises, for example, leg swings, the main load also falls on the buttocks or, as in the classic plank, on the whole body.

The level of difficulty of training is increased. To avoid injury, beginners should give themselves time to rest between tasks.


Christopher Goes Cardio | 260-415 Kcal

Leap Of Faith - Christopher // FULL BODY WARM UP

8 MIN SIXPACK WORKOUT - with Christopher & a very special twist

10 MIN HIIT + STANDING ABS - high intensity, calorie burn I Pamela Reif

10 MIN BADASS HIIT - sweaty workout to Hip Hop Music, lots of punches & kicks I Pamela Reif

15 MIN SIXPACK WORKOUT - intense ab workout


Willi Doesn't Skip Leg | 240-390 Kcal

15 MIN BOOTY WORKOUT - Level: Easy-Medium, slow Pilates Style, knee friendly, no squats I Booty Band

15 MIN BOOTY + EQUIPMENT / Weight, Booty Band - build a round butt I Pamela Reif

10 MIN BUBBLE BUTT - Glute Bridge Burnout / no squats, no jumps, knee-friendly I with Equipment


Joel Jumps High | 280-450 Kcal

15 MIN JUMPING CARDIO, Medium Level - burn calories the fun way, not dancy I Pamela Reif

10 MIN UPPER BODY + WEIGHTS - Alternative: Big Bottles / for back, chest, arms & shoulders

10 MIN UPPER BODY + ABS - for arms, chest and core with DJ Joel Corry

10 MIN STRONG WAIST - for ab lines & a strong side belly / with Bottles or Weights I Pamela Reif


Piano Flow | 50 - 90 Kcal

10 MIN YOGA FLOW - for Full Body Strength & Flowy Stretching I Pamela Reif

8 MIN FLOWING STRETCH - with LIVE Piano Music by Matteo Myderwyk I Pamela Reif


Frans Lovers Slow Fridays | 175-310 Kcal

ALRIGHT - Alle Farben ft. Kiddo / Basic & Happy Warm Up I Pamela Reif

15 MIN AB WORKOUT - Let's Train Together

CASTLE - Alle Farben & HUGEL ft. FAST BOY / Fun Warm Up Routine I Pamela Reif

12 MIN SLOW AB WORKOUT - Flowy Movements, with LIVE Piano Music by Jacob Karlzon I Pamela Reif

10 MIN ABS + YOGA - a slow and "relaxed" workout for super strong abs


Willi Meets The Crew | 265-420 Kcal

15 MIN JUMPING CARDIO, Medium Level - burn calories the fun way, not dancy I Pamela Reif

8 MIN AB & HIIT WORKOUT with Jason Derulo

10 MIN TRAINED WAIST - Medium Level, for toned side abs

6 MIN EVERYDAY STRETCH - for stiff muscles, flexibility & after your workout I Pamela Reif



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Pamela Reif - Home Workout Plan 2022